Poster Presentations

The poster session will consist of presentations from faculty, staff, and trainees (postdoctoral fellows, residents, medical students, graduate students and undergraduates). The following posters will be presented:

  1. Using Virtual Reality in Exposure-Based Treatment for Social Anxiety in Youth (Michelle Pelcovitz, Ph.D.)
  2. Pilot: Using AR to Bridge Pre-Clinical Anatomy and Clinical Application (Allie Buck, M.F.A. Julie Powell, Allison Miller, DVM)
  3. Augmented Reality-Guided Transcatheter Septal Puncture in Structural Heart Disease Interventions (Sun-Joo Jang, M.D., Ph.D.)
  4. Virtual Reality Reduces Fear in Pediatric Patients Undergoing a Nasal Endoscopy: A Randomized Controlled Study (Hal Rives)
  5. Immersive Technology for Pediatric Perioperative Pain and Anxiety (Tony Longhini, M.D.)
  6. Influence of Virtual Reality Distraction on Anxiety and Satisfaction During Outpatient Pediatric Orthopedic Procedures: A Randomized Controlled Study (Madison Heath)
  7. Potential of Virtual Environments to Understand Real Life Behaviors with Public Health Implications (Jun Rong Jeffrey Neo, Andrea Stevenson Won, Ph.D., Mardelle Shepley, B.A., M.Arch., M.A., D.Arch.)
  8. The Impact of Noise and Visual Disorder on Message Elaboration and Self-Regulation When Presented with Psychiatric Help-Seeking Information in Virtual Environments (Jun Rong Jeffrey Neo, Andrea Stevenson Won, Ph.D., Mardelle Shepley B.A., M.Arch., M.A., D.Arch.)
  9. Development of Virtual Reality Simulations for Burn Pain (Harrison Resnick)
  10. Virtual Reality Augmented Training in Neurosurgery (Alexander Evins, M.D.)
  11. Implementing Virtual Reality for Pain Management in an Inpatient Burn Center: A Pilot Study (Mariel Emrich, B.S., Andrew McAleavey, Ph.D., Angela Rabbitts, M.S., R.N., Andrew Greenway, M.S.N., R.N., JoAnn Difede, Ph.D., Abraham Houng, M.D., M.S.E., F.A.C.S.)
  12. An Open Source Virtual Reality Mirror Visual Feedback Module (Won, A. S., Barreau, A., Gaertner, M., Stone, T. J., Zhu, J., Mackey, S.)